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White-Collar Defense

Chicago White-Collar Defense Lawyer

As a former federal court law clerk, prosecutor, and now defense counsel, Ms. Bogart has accumulated extensive knowledge of the federal criminal laws including laws governing grand jury investigations and rules of procedure, evidence, and sentencing in the federal courts.  She has successfully persuaded authorities not to prosecute her clients and, where prosecutions have occurred, she has successfully obtained acquittals, reduced charges, pretrial diversions and favorable plea and sentencing arrangements, as well as reversals of jury convictions and sentences.  She helps protect the interests of individuals and companies involved in grand jury investigations and provides pretrial and trial representation in federal white-collar and public corruption matters.

Clients benefit from Ms. Bogart’s experience as an assistant U.S. attorney because she understands how to negotiate with investigators and prosecutors and can often prevent charges from being filed. When charges are filed, she will review the facts of the case and offer an honest assessment of the potential outcomes given all possible options. She is not daunted by complex cases; she has prosecuted and defended numerous cases involving lengthy grand-jury investigations, hundreds of witnesses and voluminous financial and other documentation.

The firm defends white-collar clients accused of the full range of federal criminal laws, including fraud charges related to banks, credit cards, mail and wire fraud, securities, investment, insurance, health care, Medicare and bankruptcy fraud; public corruption, bribery, and extortion (Hobbs Act); identity theft and other internet crimes; election law violations; embezzlement; forgery; money laundering; racketeering (RICO); antitrust violations; conspiracy; tax evasion; violations of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and other pension related matters; and matters involving intellectual property issues including copyright, trademark and patent laws.